Loa Toetu’u

by Loa Toetu’u

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Ahotae’iloa Toetu’u is a Tongan-born artist and teacher who lives and works in South Auckland. Toetu’u works in the medium of painting and has exhibited his works in several solo and group exhibitions in Auckland. Several of his works are heavily inspired by ngatu as a medium that records a time and place and particular events and histories. Many of his recent works pair kupesi with contemporary icons and silhouettes to create new conversations between the past and present.

My works are drawn from my family and my Tongan heritage and culture. I saw ngatu, ta’ovala, woven mats and beautifully decorated dance attire. I took a minimal approach to the kupesi or Ngatu designs and the use of repetition of simple forms to create an illusion. Building from this understanding, I liked the way Tongan women combined traditional kupesi with modern figurative designs to create a narrative and used this to record a space and time of a particular event.

About this artwork: Moana

Moana translates as the Deep Ocean. When I created this painting I was inspired by the colours of the Moana which has hues of blues and the repetitive lines created a wave-like pattern. The combination of other colours was a metaphor for the diversity of the Pacific and the World we live in today.

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Each plate is handmade and has visual variations making every artwork unique. Only 20 are available to purchase, making them collectors' items.
This Art Plate is heat-printed art onto an enamel plate and protected with an acrylic coat. The plate is not suitable to eat off. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.
Circumference = 245mm.

Shipping is usually within 4 weeks of purchase.