Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi

by Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi

$250.00 NZD / On Sale


Iokapeta Magele-Suamasi is an Aotearoa born artist of Samoan heritage (Lufilufi | Satalo, Falealili). She is a proud Ōtarian and her background includes freelance design, ceramics, community outreach, gallery education, and technology. Her postgraduate studies in arts management and technological futures have recently informed her art where she has alluded to ethical A.I., digital inclusion, and data sovereignty for Moana people.

About the artwork: Birds on a Plate

The ‘birds’ allude to the urban colloquialism mentioned by rap artist Ice Cube in his 1993 hit Ghetto Birds in reference to Police helicopters. Ghetto Birds are of course a daily sight and ‘sound’ in Ōtara. The design is an abstraction from a source photo taken in 2021 capturing a powerline worker being suspended in the air to work on a local pylon.

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Each plate is handmade and has visual variations making every artwork unique. Only 20 are available to purchase, making them collectors' items.
This Art Plate is heat-printed art onto an enamel plate and protected with an acrylic coat. The plate is not suitable to eat off. Not suitable for microwave or dishwasher.
Circumference = 245mm.

Shipping time is usually within 4 weeks of purchase.