Daniel Alexander

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Daniel ‘Blackball’ Alexander is a designer exploring his love for printed publications from a ‘poorly insulated’ Dunedin attic. His style is bold, succinct, and textured, balancing gloom and twee as he depicts our movement through modern life.

Though born and currently based in Dunedin, Daniel ‘Blackball’ Alexander spent much of his youth in semi-rural Nelson where he developed an interest for comics, animation, editorial cartoons. The illustration side of things was mostly glossed over in his studies of design communication at the Otago Polytechnic School of Design, leaving Alexander to self-teach himself the skills it took for his work to find success locally and internationally. Alexander has done design work for gig posters, record covers, runways, beer bottles, and has been featured by Critic – Te Arohi, The New York Times, The Boston Globe and Wired Italia.

Unlike many current designers who aspire for subtly and minimalism, Alexander’s work is punchy and often layered. His designs use deep textures and strong colour to communicate clearly. Alexander’s work is sometimes gloomy, and this gloom contrasts nicely with his little-bit-twee illustration style. The contrast compares to wearing a thick patterned sweater in a cold dark bar, drinking a malty beer or maybe a hot toddy. Maybe this is the semirural South Island upbringing in him. Daniel ‘Blackball’ Alexander knows how to communicate crisp emotion and strong messages with exacting contrast and weighty design. Written by Joel Thomas for Art Ache.

Artist's website: Daniel Alexander.

Artwork is printed on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag 310gsm, with Archival Inks by Fine Art printer Sanji Karu at Skar Image Lab
Paper size: A4 (210 x 297mm).

This archival print has been created with authority of Daniel Alexander.
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Artist comment on their Art Ache collectable:
This piece was done during my time at Critic magazine where I was the features designer and illustrator. It was the lead illustration for a piece on the lemon detox diet, and while I don't recall the feature in any great detail, I do remember being bemused at how ridiculous and over the top it was. Looking back at the piece, I don't think I hid my contempt for the fad particularly well.
– Daniel Alexander 2018 for Art Ache