Amy Potenger

$50.00 NZD - $250.00 NZD / Sold Out

Collectors Prints Sold Out – If you are interested in purchasing some artwork from Amy Potenger, we have a limited number of larger works available, please enquire through the site.

Print will be delivered within 3 weeks from 30th November (Christmas traffic pending) 2015.
About the Artist:
New Zealand artist Amy Potenger works contrasting areas of pure unmodulated colour and faux texture to indulge the viewers' senses. Bold colour, pattern and decoration come together to create artworks full of energy and life.
With a PGDipFA from Elam School of Fine Arts, Amy's artistic practice includes sculpture, ceramics, drawings, paintings and photography. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and processes. Potenger's work has Matisse and Helmut Newton in its DNA.
Her colourful nouvelle-kitch still lifes are a must have for any budding art collector. These works consist of a variety of subjects gleaned from print media, which Potenger rearranges into satirical still lifes rich in nostalgia and luxurious items of desire.

Artist's website: Amy Potenger