Aimee Ralfini Marigolds

by Aimee Ralfini

$250.00 NZD - $850.00 NZD / On Sale


Aimee Ralfini is an experiential artist with a digital bent.

"I'm a colourist at heart, and possibly a painter" – Aimee Ralfini, 2022

Marigolds are the herb of the sun – this artwork has been created specifically to make you feel good. Harnessing the power of luminescence, the artwork emits visual triggers to help create feelings of well-being. These eyes watering, saccharine marigolds are 100% real. No digital tampering here! The flowers were hand grown, from seed, in the artists' garden. The background is water from Ralfini's above-ground BestwayTM pool.

The bright and poppy Marigolds pay homage to Tāmaki Makarau's cultural melting pot of Ōtāhuhu, where the artist resides.

The work played on LUMO Digital billboards nationwide, as part of the 'Vitamin See' campaign by Art Ache.

This work was created in conjunction with Emma Bass's work Solar Power and uses the same core ingredients – Marigolds and a Bestway swimming pool.

Aimee Ralfini was trained at Elam School of Fine Arts in Tāmaki Makarau, where she specialised in experiential media (intermedia). Ralfini is the founder of Art Ache –an artist-centric activation channel for creativity and communication, which she founded in 2012.

More info: Ralfini and her Marigolds | Art Ache | Instagram.

The Marigoldsare available to purchase in two sizes:
200 x 280mm unframed* – Edition of 20
560 x 840mm unframed* – Edition of 8

Developed on archival high-gloss photography paper.
*Framing can be organised for an additional fee.